I’m a New York-based designer, entrepreneur, and environmentalist.



A creative, resourceful, efficient, and occasionally obsessive, builder and doer.

Current Obsession:
Tackling the problem of plastic waste in our waterways



A manager with an uncommon balance of technical and customer-sensitive big-picture planning skills. You will also find me in the trenches with my hands dirty.



I have designed all types of products as well as interiors and user interfaces. I have built teams and businesses while creating new processes.

Bold thinking, ambitious undertakings, and artful execution – yes, please.



Enough about work. Can I interest you in some boating, fishing, sailing, archery, travel, or motorcycle mayhem? My amazing wife and dog are usually along for any good adventure.

I root for risk-takers, underdogs, free-spirits, wanderers, punks and misfits.