A hands-on leader and entrepreneur with a wide range of experience in diverse fields. Before entering the tech startup space, I worked as a product design consultant and co-founded a travel accessories brand. I’m now applying skills from each of those to environmental problem solving ventures. I thoroughly enjoy uncharted territory and new challenges.

"Malcolm runs a very lean and efficient operation. At BikeMinds we accomplished more per dollar than anywhere else I've worked.”
– Joseph Mink, BikeMinds CTO

Pakt (2017-)

We never saw this one coming. Joshua and Ryan of The Minimalists used The Getaway bag designed by my studio in their 2016 documentary, Minimalism. The appearance renewed interest in the bag and triggered events that led to an unlikely, but amazing, collaboration. 

Pakt’s first product will be an updated and improved version of the Getaway. We plan to produce thoughtfully designed and responsibly sourced travel accessories. All processes, materials, and packaging selections are made with the goal of minimizing environmental impact. 


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Pakt Partners

SeaHive (2017- )

Seahive is a new venture aimed at tackling the problem of plastic waste in our waterways and oceans where I’m combining my passion for the outdoors with past experience in product development and startups. There’s a gap in the methods used to address the problem, and therefore an opportunity. 

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BikeMinds (2013-2017)

BikeMinds is a technology startup by and for motorcyclists. We're modernizing the way riders connect online while giving businesses in the space a powerful and efficient way to reach those riders.

As the founder and creative director, I built and lead a talented team of both local and distributed members. We embraced lean startup and agile methodologies; testing concepts before building, private betas, launching with a minimum viable product, and iterating quickly to find market fit. In a relatively short time we carved out a niche in the market and established partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry.

• CEO/Project Mangement
• Software Development Management
• UI/UX design
• Creative Direction
• Online Marketing

Malcolm Fontier Accessories Line (2007-2012)

I co-founded and lead the line of travel accessories branded under my name. As the creative director I helped define our brand, identify appropriate marketing efforts, and grow our distribution network. We also sold through our own e-commerce store and a fulfillment center. I worked on site with our off-shore manufacturing partners to optimize production then handled import and distribution logistics

• Hardware and lifestyle product design
• Sourcing & International Logistics
• Brand Building
• Online Marketing
• E-commerce
• Distribution

Design Consulting (1998-2007)

After a few years working in industrial design firms I launched my own consultancy. Working as Malcolm Fontier Product Design, I grew it from a solo freelancer to a small consultancy that specialized in fast-paced, full-service product development services. With a thorough knowledge of diverse manufacturing processes and a reputation for reliability, I built a loyal and impressive client list. Our diverse projects covered furniture, lighting, electronics, toys, housewares, and fashion.

• Product Design
• Plastic and Metal Part Design
• Manufacturing Coordination
• 3D Modeling