I have a blog!

What is this 2004? 

Yes I know, video and podcasts are all the rage and social media had its day. None of those mediums really work for me and the way I like to interact though. 

So why a blog now? As my awesome team at Pakt will tell anyone: “Malcolm has a lot of opinions!” There’s only so many they can take though. This platform should offer a way to share more wide ranging topics and start new discussions with like-minded and totally unlike-minded readers out there.

There are few things I enjoy more than really thought-provoking conversation that has the potential to change minds and even the lives of all participants. My hope for this blog is to start those conversations with people that I probably wouldn’t get the chance to sit down with in person.

Here are a few things I’m thinking about discussing here in the near future:

  • We’re all labeled different things but I generally despise them. I’d like to dispute some of the labels often attached to myself starting with those around minimalism and eating meat(spoiler alert: I’m often labeled a “vegetarian” but I hunt and fish). 

  • My affinity for self-sufficiency and how it manifests in motorcycling, boating, wilderness survival, and entrepreneurship  

  • Stoicism and how beneficial it can be while misunderstood by so many

  • My conflicting fields of product development and environmentalism

Through my work I’ve connected with some great people. One that stands out is Rene Bretschneider. Rene purchased a Pakt product. After receiving it and getting a sense of our brand, in a flattering gesture, he reached out to me with a nice personal message that included “...in case you ever would like to do some sparring on ideas or approaches…”. We have yet to meet in person but in the year or so since that message we have gone back and forth on a range or topics.

As we get rolling here, I hope something I post will inspire at least a few people to reach out like Rene did or just chime in with your own opinions.

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